Centre for Astronomy Research

               Resource Person: Dr. Ninan S. Philip, St.Thomas College, Kozhencherry


 Project Name:

    Spectral And Temporal Analysis of bright and strongly variable Seyfert 2     galaxies from XMM-Newton observations.


     X-ray astronomy reveals the most active regions and high energy sources in the deep sky. Spectral analysis of those objects enables us to understand the nature, composition and other physical and chemical properties of the object. Data for the analysis is available at  HEASARC (High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center) web site. For this project we will use the archived data from XMM-Newton ( X ray-Multi-Mirror Mission) space observatory. For data reduction and modelling, we will use two standard software, namely,  SAS (Scientific Analysis Software) and HEASOFT. The whole thing- software and data - can be  a few Gb and can fit into a live Slax-atma DVD.

Entry Level and scope of the project:

Students can take it up as an MSc project or Pre-research Project in X-ray astronomy. The project will enable them to understand X-ray astronomy, data retrieval and processing at introductory levels. The main objective  will be to give hands on experience with the data and processing tools widely used in X-ray astronomy.

Since X-ray astronomy is a new area of research and India is going to have an X-ray observatory with the next space mission, the scope of the project is very bright.